How it works?

  1. Create an event Set a goal for your party—a minimum number of guests. You can also set a maximum and share the details like when and where.
  2. Invite guests Use Facebook and Gmail to easily fill your guest list. Invite as many people as you like—it's first come, first served! This encourages your guests to RSVP sooner. To animate more people to come, your guests can also invite friends of their own to create a good mix of familiar and new people.
  3. Set chip-in amount Set your menu. Then say how much guests should chip-in. Sharing the cost means you can host better parties, more often. Guests safely and easily transfer money with WePay.
  4. Collect & enjoy! If you reach your goal by your RSVP date the party is on! Your WePay account will be credited. No one is charged until the goal is reached, so if there isn't as much interest as you wanted, you're not on the hook to throw the party. Never again worry about people flaking on you.