Beer Tasting Party

A tasting, soiree and celebration.

Sip your way through some of the world’s best craft beer and bring your friends along for the ride.

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Instructions for this party

Guide your guests through the world of better beverage like a beer judge with this readily-available lineup that draws on styles from around the globe. Matt Allyn, author of The Brewer's Apprentice, has curated this collection of craft beers just fo you. With a mix of complex, yet crowd-pleasing, ales and lagers, the taste buds of both beer geeks and noobs will be tingling.

About the event

Start cooling your beer down at least two hours before tasting time. To save on cleaning, give your guests crystal clear plastic cups for sampling. Put out a pitcher of water to both allow breaks between beers and clean out the tasting cups. The beers are ordered from mildest to strongest, to minimize previous flavors muddling the next. Above all else, encourage your friends to stop and think about what they’re smelling and tasting.

Have plain food on hand to help reset palates between beers. Unsalted crackers are ideal, but any basic snack without much spice or flavoring will work.

If your beer store is out of any of the suggested beers, ask for a recommendation. There are plenty of delicious pale ale and pilsners waiting to be enjoyed. And feel free to swap in local flavor with similar styles from a nearby brewery.

If you want to add a cheese pairing or two, try to match flavor intensity. Subtle, creamy cheese like brie go well with pilsners; sharp cheddars pair with hoppy and roasty beers like the pale ale and brown; stronger, funky washed rind and blue cheeses match up with big beers like the Belgian tripel and barleywine.

For more on the beers, check out the good section of your event page, or click through to Matt's Blog

Pro Tips for Tasting

Pour the beer with up to an inch of head. The extra release of carbonation brings out more aroma.

Swirl your beer and place a coaster on top for a few seconds. This lets aroma build up so you can slide off the coast and breath in a big bouquet of beer

After swallowing the beer, breath out through your nose. This brings the aroma up and you can taste the beer on the back of your tongue.

** For More Info Check Out Matt's Blog Post Here**

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