New England Lobster Bake

A soiree, theme, fundraiser and cookout.

Zokos and Lobster.COM have combined services to provide overnight delivery of live Maine lobster and other North Atlantic seafood for your friend-funded parties

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Instructions for this party

Plan your Lobster Feast through Zokos, and then our partner Lobster.COM will ship you live Lobsters (as soon as tomorrow) - anywhere in the lower 48 states!

Create this event and follow the instructions below for a Lobster Feast you and your friends will never forget.

About the event

Next time you plan a get-together to celebrate some important milestone with family or friends, make it a real celebration. Book the magic of a live Maine lobster feast to guarantee a wonderful event that everyone will remember for a lifetime. A lobster feast never seems to fail. A live lobster feast pulls people together in a unique way to share a significant event, good food, and great company.

Tips for your Lobster Feast

The folks at Lobster.COM have a few great tips for making sure that your lobster feast is memorable. Check out these great tips for once your lobsters arrive and these helpful tips for cooking your lobster. Then once it's all cooked up and ready to eat, here's an instructional video for cracking your lobster.

Ordering your Lobsters

Once you have set up your Zokos party, you can book your Friend-Funded Lobster Party here. When your party tips, Lobster.COM will contact you to finalize your order and to discuss any special requests you may have.

Keep in mind, your "RSVP-BY" date. You must choose a day and time after which guests will no longer be able to RSVP and "chip-in." In order to be sure you receive the freshest lobsters on time, delivered overnight to your event address, set your RSVP-BY date and time no later than noon east-coast-time the day before your party. If your event is on a Saturday or Sunday, you'll have to set your "RSVP-BY" time no later than Friday at noon.

Your "RSVP-BY" time also is when your guest's "chip-ins" transfer to you. And, when you will transfer funds to Lobster.COM.

To take advantage of Zoko's special arrangement with Lobster.COM, the minimum order will be for 10 people. So set your minimum accordingly. If you need fewer guests, or more guests, or variations on the standard menus, contact Lobster.COM to see if you can work out the details. 800-272-3400

The Goods

The Conversation

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