Italian Wine Tasting Party

A tasting, soiree and celebration.

Host a wine tasting using Zokos, and let Vinport do all the work! They'll send you a case of great Italian wines and tasting notes for each bottle once your party tips!

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Instructions for this party

Vinport has curated a special collection of 6 bottles of highly rated Italian wine. Place your order Here and they'll deliver the case right to your door along with detailed tasting notes for each of the bottles. Be sure to allow at least 3-5 days for delivery and set your RSVP Deadline accordingly. The suggested Chip-In and the party package are intended for approximately 12 people and includes the 6 wines listed below. Once your RSVP deadline passes the money from your guests will be transferred to your account.

About the event

This collection of fine Italian wines from Vinport is perfect for a tasting, bringing together some of Vinport's best wines from Italy. Whether you are looking for old world tradition or new world vision, this collection has a little bit of everything at a tremendous value. What could be better than gathering up a group of friends for a wine tasting party?

Before the party

People are coming over, the wines have arrived… so what else needs to be done?

Well here are some essentials to throwing a great wine party:

1) Knowledge is power! So read up on the information provided about your wines and discuss it with your guests. People love to know what they are drinking, and a few fun tidbits about the wine can really enhance everyone’s enjoyment.
2) Provide Wine tags or some other way to keep track of whose glass is whose.
3) Sometimes a little Hor d’ourves and/or food goes a long way – check out our pairing suggestions below!

Food Pairings

Selecting food for such a diverse group of wines can be very challenging, but do not worry, we will help guide you through this!

Cheese and crackers – The classic wine party fare that should not be skipped! Why not stick with the Italian theme… most wines pair best with food from the same region and country! Here are some suggestions (including some non-Italian ones) and a list of cheese that might not work as well:

Cheeses that will work: Asiago, Taleggio, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Pecorino, Manchego, mild blue cheeses

Cheeses to avoid: Brie, Goat cheeses, intense blue cheeses

Don’t forget some fruits! Cheese plates should almost always be served with some fruit, especially in the form of jam, jelly, and preserves. Accompany the cheese with a tart fruit and a sweet fruit to see how these can enhance/change the flavors of the wines.

Pasta – If you are serving wines from Italy, there is a good chance they will pair well with pasta. Plus, pasta dishes are usually an affordable and easy way to feed a crowd:

Pasta dishes that will work: Bolognese, lasagna, baked Ziti, Manicotti or stuffed shells, meat stuffed ravioli, ragu with braised meats

Pasta dishes to avoid: Carbonara, Alfredo, sauces of predominantly white wine and butter, seafood pastas, Arabbiata or anything too spicy, Pesto

Main Courses – If you are an ambitious party-thrower and plan on serving up a gourmet meal alongside these amazing wines, we better make sure the food and the wine compliment each other.

Main courses to pair – braised meats and stews, grilled red meats and sausages, game meats such as lamb and venison. Sides of roasted vegetables, au gratin vegetables, or grilled vegetables.

Main courses to avoid: Seafood and chicken (maybe if roasted with plenty of savory components), spicy dishes, bitter dishes.

Tasting Game

If your group would enjoy a small wine tasting game, we have you covered! Included in the case, along with your tasting notes is a fun game to test the noses and palates of your guests!

The Goods

The Conversation

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