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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – but who wants to get up that early? Try Brunch Club. It’s like a supper club...for breakfast.

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Instructions for this party

  • Think of Brunch Club as less of a party and more of the end result of a few close friends stopping by unexpectedly.
  • Don’t take things too seriously. (We’ve been known to use camping dishes and put paper and crayons on the table.)
  • Brunch is flexible enough to warrant just about any type of food, so have some fun! Use Brunch Club as an opportunity to experiment or discover a new recipe. We’ve got a ton to choose from at and if you get overwhelmed, you can save your favorites for later and try them whenever you want.
  • Doing things potluck-style makes life easier – everyone can focus on one dish and no one is overburdened with cooking duties.
  • Leave the dishes for later. Have fun now.
  • Leftovers make good dinner. (Brunch Club has often lasted through dinner, so make extra!)

About the event’s one of the best meals ever created. Not quite breakfast, not quite lunch – but the best of both in every possible way. Early enough to warrant a big plate of eggs and hashbrowns, but late enough that you don’t feel bad about having a drink on the side. Or two. And a burger. And a cup of coffee. Followed by dessert. And...well, you get the picture.

The founders of I Wanna Nom started Brunch Club about a year ago. We loved the idea of a Supper Club as a fun excuse to try some new recipes and to get some friends together for a great meal, a few drinks, and a lot of laughs, but Supper Club just seems to have a certain connotation to it (after all, who still says “supper?”). Falling a bit on the contrarian side and preferring a more laid back vibe, we opted to apply the same thought process to a more welcoming meal. And with that, Brunch Club was born.

We hold Brunch Club potluck-style on a not-quite-monthly basis out of our homes around Brooklyn. And we tend to be not-so-formal about it. We live by the “if you can find it my kitchen, it’s yours to use” philosophy as it helps friends feel like our home is their home for the afternoon.

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Here's a custom Playlist made especially for you featuring the Beatles, Miike Snow, The Cure, Nouvelle Vague and even Air!

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