Food52 Holiday Cookie Party

A soiree, celebration and theme.

Get your friends together for a cookie party and use these great recipes from Food52.

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You don't need any extra reminders that it's the holiday season, but we know that your sweet tooth could use one. We're proud to partner with Food52 to provide you with some amazing cooke recipes for your holiday cookie party.

'Tis the season for baking holiday cookies for endless family gatherings and holiday parties -- and of course, sneaking some for yourself. Sugar cookies for your great aunt twice-removed? Why not? Ruggelach for a small breakfast at your in-laws'? Bring it on! No matter the occasion or guest, we've got the perfect holiday cookie for you.

Check out the recipes below and share them with your friends. Then get everyone together for a big holiday party and indulge your collective sweet tooth!

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