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Hey New York! Thought it was too late to get a local, pastured turkey for your Thanksgiving table this year? Think again! Norwich Meadows Farm has reserved a few extra birds for those late planners. Better yet, have it delivered!

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Norwich Meadows


In 1998, Zaid Kurdieh and his wife Haifa began farming on just a half acre parcel behind their house while Zaid was working for Cornell University’s cooperative extension program. After a few years, they decided to expand their operations and currently farm over 50 acres in upstate New York—less than 200 miles from New York City. Now, Zaid and Haifa are familiar faces at the Union Square Greenmarket, and their produce and poultry are in high demand from chefs around the city.

Norwich Meadows is a certified organic farm and uses no chemicals or pesticides. Zaid and Haifa are careful to work within the limits of the land and generally follow all-natural practices. Recently, they have begun growing crops in “high tunnels,” which provides more control over weather conditions and increases crop yields without requiring chemicals. All poultry on the farm are fed a high-quality, all natural organic diet of grains and greens, along with any insects or wild grasses they find out on the pasture.


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About the event

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and if you haven't gotten your gobbler yet and like super-local food, here's a steal of a deal:

Our friends at FarmersWeb and Norwich Meadows Farm have a few extra birds around their roost and would be happy to deliver a plump, local raised turkey directly to your front door in time for a feast with friends or family. On top of that, they've agreed to sell them to friends of Zokos at wholesale price. You'd be a turkey not to take advantage of this great deal.

Certified Organic Double Breasted, Pasture Raised Turkeys, $5.95/lb. 12-15 lbs.
Delivery available throughout New York City for a $15 fee, or you can pick up your order in Union Square on 11/21.

Norwich Meadows also created a special Autumn Produce Box just for Zokos hosts! For just $21.99, the box includes 2 bunches of red beets, 3 bunches of leeks, 3 lbs of parsnips, 2 lbs of kale, and 3 lbs of acorn squash. In order to take advantage of these wholesale prices, there is a 2 box minimum order.

How to order

Order by noon Monday. Supplies may not last.

Orders can be placed through Zokos. Place your order here

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