Traditional South Indian Feast

A celebration, soiree and theme.

Sample the exotic flavors of South India with this amazing party curated by Chitra of the ABCD's of Cooking. This vegetarian feast promises to impress your friends and leave you satisfied and smiling.

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Instructions for this party

For more recipes and to learn more about South Indian cooking, visit Chitra's website at The ABCD's of Cooking.

For links to all of the tasty recipes for this menu, check out the "Goods" section at the bottom of the event page!

About the event

Throw a party with traditional South Indian home cooking! These special recipes have been passed down to Chitra, food blogger at The ABCD's of Cooking, from her family in Bangalore and are of dishes that you don't usually find in restaurants, which makes them that much more special to share with your group. They are all vegetarian, light, fresh and full of flavor from fried spices, lemon, coconut and cilantro. These recipes use many of the same spices but are flexible in that you can substitute different veggies in depending on the season.

Pro Tips for this Party

  • When frying mustard seeds, put a lid over them as they pop up from the pan when hot.
  • If you are using fresh curry leaves, make sure to stand back from the stove as they spurt when they hit the oil. You can also save your curry leaves for longer, by storing them in the freezer.
  • A good brand for sambar powder is MTR.

The Goods

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