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A celebration, theme, fundraiser and cookout.

Planning a tailgate for your favorite sporting event is easy with Zokos. Have your friends chip in to share the costs of parking and supplies so you can throw a better party!

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Customize the event page to create your own amazing tailgate party by sharing the costs with your friends.

We've included a list of tailgate musts in The Goods section, but it's your party, so add your own stuff!

For more tips on how to throw an amazing tailgate, Check out our Blog Post

About the event

Zokos is an easy way for us to plan an amazing tailgate. The site will ensure that we have enough money to get all the stuff we need to do this right. Just RSVP by chipping-in to help me cover the costs and if the event reaches the goal, the tailgate is on and I'll get the money to buy supplies. If we don't reach the minimum, no money will be transferred. Remember, the more people that RSVP, the more money we'll have to pitch in for supplies!

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