Are you confused by what escrow means on Zokos?

The escrow feature allows a moderator (Zokos) to hold custody of a buyer’s funds on OpenBazaar to ensure that the promised goods are delivered in the described condition.

Using escrow causes a significant increase in sales compared to listings without escrow protection because it allows buyers to feel safe using your store. Enabling escrow is recommended and is enabled by default for listings on Zokos.

The funds from an order with escrow enabled will be released to you (the vendor) once the buyer confirms they have received their goods or 45 days has passed since their purchase, whichever comes first.

Because disputes take time for moderators to review properly, there is a moderation fee based on the total listing’s price if a customer opens a dispute.

If you do not wish to use the escrow feature you can turn it off for an individual listing in the setting’s section.