Want to know what all the escrow statuses on Zokos mean?

Pending - Your order has entered escrow review period. This review period takes a maximum of 45 days. If a customer confirms the order was received, the funds will be released before the 45 day window is over.

Completed - Either the customer has confirmed they received their order or 45 days have passed. You now have access to these funds and can spend them from your wallet.

Dispute Opened - Your customer has an issue with their purchase. You can respond to their claim in the support section. Zokos will review both sides’ claims and will decide who keeps the order’s funds.

Dispute Resolved - Zokos has decided who owns the customer’s funds based on the listing’s description. Your order receipt will show who gets to keep the funds.

Refunded - You have decided that the customer’s dispute is valid and have decided to agree to refund them immediately.