A quick primer on what order fulfillment means on OpenBazaar.

Fulfilling your order means sending the goods necessary to complete/finalize the order. You should fulfill your order as soon as you have completed it.

There are three kinds of order fulfillment in OpenBazaar based on your order type. Here are some examples of acceptable fulfillment responses for each type:

Service - Your fulfillment response should include information that helps the customer confirm its completion. For example, if you offered a service to help a customer market their business, you might provide a list of links/documentation that shows the work you have done.

Digital Good - Your fulfillment should provide a way for a customer to access their purchased product(s). You could provide a link or URL to download their goods.

Physical Good - A customer should know when their order should arrive. A physical good listing should provide tracking information if available.

If you have any questions about fulfillment please feel free to contact support.